TouchNap 2.6.2 Paid Apk

TouchNap 2.6.2 Paid Apk

TouchNap v2.6.2 [Paid] Apk
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: While most power napping apps wakes you up after a predefined time, TouchNap uses you as input to know exactly when to wake you up. By using simple techniques, it will simply wake you up right before you are about to enter deep sleep. This is achieved by the knowledge that muscles relax more and more the deeper you sleep.

You hold the telephone in one hand and contact the screen with two fingers, sort of like playing a guitar. Whenever held accurately, when you go further and more profound into rest, the muscles in your fingers will unwind to a point where they let go of the screen and the alert goes off. This is the favored time to wake up from a power snooze.

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Carefully assembled in Norway by Kwarkbit.

watchwords: control rest, maintain a strategic distance from profound rest, feel revived and conscious

What’s New

Three new settings coming your direction

– Set the volume for the caution

– Possibility to modify the progressive increment interim

– Disable the framework volume abrogate so the caution pursues your as of now set volumes

This application has no notices.

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