Real Drift Car Racing 4.8 Mod Money Apk

Real Drift Car Racing 4.8 Mod Money Apk

Real Drift Car Racing v4.8 (Mod Money) Apk
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: With more than 6 millions of fan players worldwide, Real Drift Car Racing is the most realistic 3D drift racing simulation on mobile devices, and yet easy to control and fun to play thanks to an innovative drift helper.

Prepare to drive elite autos (turbo or normally suctioned) and influence them to float at fast in tracks planned particularly for float hustling.

Gain cash utilizing your dashing abilities and utilize it to redo your auto: body shading, edges show, edges shading.

Race to fight the world record of the online leaderboard or only for the sake of entertainment in the new freeride mode.


• The most practical 3D float hustling reenactment on cell phones;

• Easy to control because of an imaginative float aide;

• Customizable float aide: from full help to add up to in your control;

• Customizable gameplay;

• Customizable autos: you can change auto body shading, edges model and edges shading;

• Realistic reproduction of all viewpoint (motor, drivetrain, tires, and so forth) of the auto;

• Specific motor sound for each auto with turbo shriek and brush off valve;

• Backfire impacts with sounds;

• Accurate focuses figuring: procure focuses by floating at rapid, at high float edge and, out of the blue, by light contacting dividers amid a float;

• Online and neighborhood leaderboard to challenge your companions and individuals everywhere throughout the world;

• Big preparing track included to enhance your floating and hustling abilities;

• High quality 3D designs;

• Cool dubstep soundtrack by Liquid Stranger and Simplify Recordings.


• No adverts;

• 7 new float hustling tracks;

• 5 new great autos with particular and sensible setup;

• New difficult profession mode with 12 titles with developing trouble.


• Accelerometer (spinner) or contact controlling mode;

• Slider or contact throttle;

• Automatic or manual transmission;

• Metric or Imperial units of estimation;


Focuses develop relatively to float point, float time and speed.

There are likewise 2 unique focuses multiplier: “Float Combo” multiplier and “Vicinity” multiplier.

Float Combo multiplier is expanded by 1 at whatever point focuses come to a numerous of 2000 (1000, 2000,4000 and so on.). In the event that you alter float course, indicates are included Total Points Indicator (situated in the upper left of the screen) and reset. On the off chance that focuses achieve each numerous of 2000 once more, Drift Combo is expanded by 1 once more. This works just in the event that you continue floating without too long interferences between one float and alternate (under 1 second), generally Drift Combo multiplier will be reset to 1.

Nearness multiplier is expanded when you float with the back of the auto almost a divider (under 1.5 meters) relatively to closeness. You’ll see this reward with a moderate movement impact and a content demonstrating the multiplier factor.

On the off chance that you hit anything you’ll lose your incomplete focuses and all multipliers.


Floating is a dashing procedure where the driver make the auto oversteer, causing loss of footing in the back wheels or all tires, while keeping up control from passage to exit of a corner. An auto is floating when the back wheels are slipping more than the front wheels, to such a degree, to the point that frequently the front wheels are indicating the other way the turn (e.g. auto is turning left, wheels are pointed right or the other way around). Floating includes hello there speed autos, talented drivers and in-your-face fans.

This application has no ads.

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