Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie 1.35 Mod Apk

Prey Day Survival Craft & Zombie 1.35 Mod Apk

Prey Day Survival – Craft & Zombie v1.35 (Mod) Apk
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: Prey Day is a new multiplayer zombie survival game MMO RPG with cooperative gameplay, a perfect marriage of a shooter and a strategy where all survivors pursue the same goal: to survive in a world full of zombies and mutants. Explore, grind, kill zombie in the city.

An infection episode has transformed the city into a dead, dystopian zone where crowds of zombies, mutants and the dead meander indiscriminately.


Your adversaries are holding blades prepared to drive it into your back at any minute. You are separated from everyone else against a multitude of the zombies in this online activity survival methodology amusement with RPG components. Your primary objective is to survive regardless of the cost. Slaughter zombies, the mutants, and different adversaries, or you will bite the dust.


Assemble a faction or join your clanmates on group battle against swarms of zombie supervisors, shoot and slaughter zombies dead! The greater and harder your tribe, the more possibilities you need to make due in this whole-world destroying world. That is the best technique in this new MMORPG zombie survival amusement.

Investigate CRAFT

There is an extensive variety of various kinds of artworks. You can fabricate Fortifications and Traps for ensuring Strongholds, redesign weapons and protective layer, make apparatuses and weapons to execute zombie. Investigate city areas loaded up with zombies, crush and specialty your own particular sanctuary.


Investigate entire city squares, stores, doctor’s facilities and army installations loaded up with the individuals who have made due in this prophetically calamitous amusement. Discover important assets or take them by compel. Try not to miss important assets! You will require them to create and survive.


Discover partners and assemble families, do assaults and utilize the visit work in this online prophetically catastrophic amusement. Connect with others and collaborate for wellbeing and keeping in mind the end goal to survive one more day. Shoot zombies together and share profitable plunder so all of you can make new assets.


Zombies, mutants and different survivals in this monstrous multiplayer amusement are gunning to slaughter you… and appetite, thirst, cool and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It won’t be anything but difficult to survive, yet it will be justified, despite all the trouble. Your principle objective in this new online zombie survival RPG is to make considerably deadlier, significantly more amazing weapons, kill zombies and endeavor to survive one more day.

In 2033 an episode of a secretive viral ailment has slaughtered the vast majority of the total populace. The seething infection, named the Deadly Plague, made individuals kick the bucket, however rather than calmly resting they were transforming into undying zombies.

Be that as it may, swarms of zombies are not your primary issue. A significant number of the individuals who were saved demise from the Deadly Plague won’t falter to shoot you in the back. Join tribes and murder zombies with your clanmates. Go on strikes on zombie regions in this dystopian zombie survival amusement. Utilize military techniques to guarantee your proceeded with survival in the no man’s land and murder the strolling zombies in this new MMO RPG zombie shooter.

Welcome to this new MMO zombie survival diversion set in a dystopian city loaded up with zombie, mutants, and different survivals like you!

Prey Day 1.35 Update


Added the likelihood to come back to an arbitrary occasion promptly in the wake of leaving the guide.

In the settings menu, a catch is added to send logs – this will help us in discovering blunders.

Settled mistake with showing of a few creatures.

Settled the geometry of the Prison level

Settled visit bugs.

Settled bugs with solidifying when entering an area.

Settled a bug that forestalled leaving the home area after profile wipe.

Enhanced execution in a few areas.


The level of adjustment is 99, the character is secured completion; a few zombies won’t assault; open the guide and all development things,

This application has no commercials.

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