PhotoMap PRO Gallery Photos Videos and Trips 8.3.3 Paid Apk

PhotoMap PRO Gallery Photos Videos and Trips 8.3.3 Paid Apk

PhotoMap PRO Gallery – Photos, Videos and Trips v8.3.3 [Paid] Apk
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Enjoy your photos being placed on a world map in a fascinating way. PhotoMap helps you finding and visiting great or important places again. It enables you to describe beautiful moments by adding photo captions or writing in a diary. Relive your trips by jumping virtually from location to location. PhotoMap presents your pictures where you took them.

☀ The Android Magazin portrays PhotoMap as helpful for occasion, game and business pictures. (27 April 2015) ☀

This PRO form is without advertisement and contains every ace component of the free form: _

Utilize the coordinated montage producer to make wonderful geo photograph compositions. You can without much of a stretch offer them to demonstrate your accomplice, companions and partners where you have been, regardless of whether on an excursion, at the end of the week, on a journey, on a work excursion, or just on a standard day.


✈ New guide compose OpenStreetMap

✈ View photographs from your Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox

✈ Great new homescreen gadgets

✈ Import GPX records from outside geo-trackers

✈ View photographs on arrange drives or shared Windows indexes through FTP/FTPS resp. CIFS/SMB convention

✈ Great date-book see

✈ Diary work: Write down the entirety of your musings, your emotions, and any certainties you can consider

On the off chance that your photographs don’t have geo positions up to this point, it would be ideal if you enact the “store area” alternative in your camera application. I prescribe utilizing the application MapCam to take pictures with exact geo positions.

PhotoMap empowers you to:

✔ Quickly peruse even a lot of photographs precisely where you took them.

✔ Enjoy see pictures arranged on a zoomable world guide (photograph delineate). Your photos will be cleverly grouped at their topographical position.

✔ Freely zoom, turn or tilt the 3D world guide to appreciate alternate points of view.

✔ Freely pick between satellite, road or territory see.

✔ Easily peruse your grouped photographs by tapping on the review pictures.

✔ Create geo photograph montages.

✔ Track your excursions with the coordinated geo tracker.

✔ Change the area of your photographs through simplified or add geo directions to photographs (Geotagging).

✔ Store photograph subtitles in your photographs’ metadata. Picasa and different devices on your PC can read it.

✔ Use the inherent camera starter to take pictures with exact geological directions.

✔ View Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other meta information.

✔ Share your photographs and geo photograph compositions by means of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Utilize PhotoMap if the position and portrayal of photographs is imperative to you. Here are a few illustrations:

★ When voyaging, in the midst of a furlough, on excursions for work, when outdoors, at the shoreline, in outside urban areas, and so forth.

★ Make a note of destinations, for example, land, homes, autos, inns, lodgings, eateries, work environments, schools, parking areas, and so on.

★ During game, for example, bicycling, paddling, running, running, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, trekking, working out, playing football, and so forth.

★ As an observer at an extraordinary occasion, for example, a show, a celebration, a football game, a tennis match, and so on.

★ As a guest to parks, bug markets, zoos, entertainment meccas, Christmas markets, and so forth.

★ On the end of the week family trip, at a gathering/festivity, at a bar/dance club, in a club, to record the night life and so on.

★ When meeting with companions at the shopping center, on the play area, while shopping, in an eatery, and so forth.

★ On uncommon events, for example, birthday celebrations, weddings, festivities, marches, and so on.

★ in case of a calamity, for example, a seismic tremor, storm flood, surge, wave, storm, typhoon, timberland fire, and so on.

PhotoMap is intriguing for the accompanying gatherings: land dealers, geologists, examiners, officers, experts, firefighters, columnists, cops, postmen, engineers, hikers, explorers, development laborers, truck drivers, cab drivers, occasion directors, attendants, visitor delegates, on-screen characters, office chiefs, au sets, tourism associates, ranchers, foresters, nursery workers, protection operators, fighters, janitors, pilots, specialists, inside originators, city guides, models, and so on.


✔ Optimized for tremendous photograph/video accumulations. Tried with in excess of 35.000 records on neighborhood stockpiling and 128 GB sd card.

✔ Faster sweep of media documents on Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and sd cards.

✔ Revised ‘Structure’ see

✔ Use the zoom in/out signal in ‘Lookback’ view to see all photographs as tiles.

✔ Save vitality with the new geo lumberjack night mode.

This application has no commercials.

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