PC Architect Advanced PC building simulator 1.4.2 Paid Apk

PC Architect Advanced PC building simulator 1.4.2 Paid Apk

PC Architect Advanced (PC building simulator) v1.4.2 [Paid] Apk
Requirements: 4.1
Overview: PC Architect Advanced is a premium game with premium features that are not available in free PC Architect.

Here you need to procure cash by winning distinctive benchmark rivalries, finishing orders from individuals to amass them a PC and accomplishing much more noteworthy outcomes by overclocking your parts. In this amusement you have to manage incongruence, overheating, lacking force and different issues. You can purchase a greater assortment of parts from e-shop yet it will be more costly to purchase here than in your neighborhood shop or you can hold up until the point when those parts will touch base to your nearby shop. In this amusement there are more than 500+ sections that are opened by advancing through a schedule. In PC Architect’s other universe PC building scene is assumed control by Kintel, Rvidia, RMD and Ai.

We have been chipping away at this diversion for quite a while and we intend to bring much more updates and that is the motivation behind why we require your help. We trust that you will get it.

Turn into a piece of our stunning conflict network: https://discord.gg/6K6bY4r


Refresh 1.4.2 :

Presently you can watch advertisements to open a few sections

A considerable measure of enhancement

Settled a considerable measure of bugs and adventures

Refresh 1.4:

UI 3.0

More parts

Temperature framework

New Overclocking framework

Part Integrity


Various HDD setups

All the more part types(Case coolers, CPU coolers, GPU coolers, Bridges,Thermal glue)

New sparing framework

Sandbox mode

New instructional exercise

Other little personal satisfaction upgrades

Some littler changes

Bunches of bug fixes

Something unique that we neglected to say 😉

This application has no ads.

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