Magisk Root & Universal Systemless Interface 16.6 Apk

Magisk Root & Universal Systemless Interface 16.6 Apk

Magisk – Root & Universal Systemless Interface v16.6 Apk
Requirements: 5.0+ | ROOT
Overview: Installing Magisk will give you ROOT, a super powerful Systemless Interface,
Magisk Modules support, and hide from tons of integrity tests like SafetyNet!


100% completely open source and simple to manufacture!

Enchantment Mount:

Enable you to do any framework (seller) adjustment without really altering the parcels.

Anything can be stacked with Magisk systemless-ly!

MagiskSU: Open Source Root Solution

Root your gadget with MagiskSU, in light of phh’s Superuser, which depends on CM Superuser.

Magisk Manager:

MagiskSU Root Management, Upgrade Magisk, Manage MagiskHide records

Oversee, Upgrade, Download, Install Magisk Modules from the network driven online Magisk Module Repo.


Conceal Magisk from recognitions: Google SafetyNet, endeavor/bank framework trustworthiness checks, diversion alter checks and so on.


Enable you to do any changes to framework properties, including read-just props.

This is additionally utilized alongside magiskhide to trap different gadget status sent from the bootloader


(Discretionary) Remove AVB 2.0, dm-verity, forceencrypt.

Open parcels squares to help remount to rw

Establishment Instructions

On the off chance that you as of now have Magisk introduced, it is firmly prescribed to update specifically by means of Magisk Manager

Guidelines for introducing the first run through are exhibited beneath:

On the off chance that you intend to streak a custom piece, streak it AFTER introducing Magisk

Make a point to expel some other root, your most solid option would reestablish your boot picture back to stock

By means of custom recuperation:

Download the most recent Magisk compress record

Reboot to a custom recuperation and blaze the flashable zip

Reboot to framework, and check whether Magisk Manager is introduced and the variant matches the most recent one in the OP

On the off chance that for reasons unknown Magisk Manager isn’t introduced/overhauled consequently, it would be ideal if you introduce/redesign it physically!

Through Magisk Manager (Only help v14.0+):

This strategy does not require root, and furthermore does not require a custom recuperation.

Be that as it may, you MUST have a stock boot picture dump previously, and you likewise must have the capacity to streak the fixed boot picture, either through fastboot/download mode or ODIN

Introduce the most recent Magisk Manager

In case you’re wanting to streak the fixed boot picture through ODIN, go to Settings > Update Settings > Patched Boot Output Format, and select .img.tar. For typical clients abandon it as the default .img

Press Install > Install > Patch Boot Image File, and select your stock boot picture document

Magisk Manager will now fix your boot picture, and store it in [Internal Storage]/MagiskManager/patched_boot.img[.tar]

Duplicate the fixed boot picture to your PC. On the off chance that you can’t discover it by means of MTP, you can pull the record with ADB:

adb pull/sdcard/MagiskManager/patched_boot.img[.tar]

Streak the fixed boot picture to your gadget and reboot. Here is the charge if utilizing fastboot:

fastboot streak boot/way/to/patched_boot.img



– Prevent invalid modules in the online repo smashing the application

– Update Stable and Beta channel URLs


In the event that your gadget has a different DTBO, and you don’t need it fixed yet it was fixed because of the bug,

take after these guidelines to settle it:

1. Uninstall → Restore Images. Do **NOT** reboot thereafter!

2. Check **Preserve AVB 2.0/dm-verity** in Advanced Settings

3. Introduce → Install → Direct Install to introduce effectively with appropriate settings

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