English Grammar Practice 2018 1.8.0 Ad Free Apk

English Grammar Practice 2018 1.8.0 Ad Free Apk

English Grammar Practice 2018 v1.8.0 (Ad-Free) Apk
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: If you want to improve your English grammar greatly, this application is for you. Doing these tests with explanations, you can improve your grammar from Basic to Advanced – free.

You won’t see just tests. You will likewise observe clarifications for each test. It will assist you with understanding your feeble focuses and enhance your insight enormously. It’s for all levels – Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Advanced. You will learn English language well ordered (from straightforward points to more troublesome ones).

It’s a full English punctuation course (the most entire form with all English sentence structure viewpoints you have to know). There are 10 tests in every point with clarifications and 15 in the last theme.

You will do tests and learning in the meantime (with the assistance of the clarifications). It’s an extremely escalated and viable English language structure rehearse. It’s ideal for self-think about. For more practice, you can do these tests the same number of times as you require (the assignments will be in another request over and over). There are additionally huge tests (blended tests) on various subjects which assist you with memorizing and work on everything all the more viably to get the most extreme outcome.

The structure of the application is the accompanying:

Novice – Pre-Intermediate

Display Simple 1-16

Past Simple 17-38

Future Simple 39-42

Display Continuous 43-57

Fundamental Structures 1 58-73

Modular Verbs 74-91

Uninvolved Voice 92-107

Conditionals 108-120

Essential Structures 2 121-143

Short Answers 144-163

Essential Structures 3 164-187

Qualifiers and Adjectives 188-206

Numbers and Prepositions 207-221

Label Questions 222-245

Infinitive, Verb+ing 246-266

Articles 267-281

Phrasal Verbs and Indirect Questions 283-295

Essential Structures 4 296-309

Middle of the road – Advanced

English Tenses and Passive Voice 310-362

Inactive Voice and Tenses Revision 363-384

Conditionals and Modal Verbs 385-398

Relational words 399-420

Announced Speech 421-451

Inquiries and Adjectives 452-468

Word Formation 469-498

Phrasal Verbs 499-518

Further developed Structures 519-555

This application has no notices.

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