DamonPS2 PRO PS2 Emulator 1.2.8 Paid Apk

DamonPS2 PRO PS2 Emulator 1.2.8 Paid Apk

DamonPS2 PRO (PS2 Emulator) v1.2.8 [Paid] Apk
Requirements: 5.1 and up | Modded Gp
Overview: The fastest PS2 Emulator for Android in Global !!!! On Samsung S8 smartphone, the DamonPS2 emulator runs most of the PS2 games smoothly, For example (Samsung Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 835 Inside),

* Final Fantasy X : 60fps

* God of War II : 55fps

* Contra – Shattered Soldier : 48 fps

* wonder versus capcom 2 : 60 fps

what’s more, more …

Similarity :

In 13914 PS2 amusements, More than 90% of the recreations keep running with screen error(In-Game Level). Over 15% of the recreations can run perfectly(Perfect Level).

Bolstered Feature :

* Support 2X~5X Enhanced Resolution (1080p HD)

* Support Bilinear Texture Filtering

* Support HID Gamepad (Only During the Game )

* Support Skip BIOS boot screen

* Support Multi-threading Acceleration

* Support NEON Vector Instruction Acceleration

* Support OpenGL ES 3.1 Rendering Acceleration

* Support Multi-organize ROM File (Include: *.isobinimgnrg Format)

Future Support Feature :

* Future Support Cheat Code

* Future Support Frameskip

* Future Support No BIOS record required

* Future Support Widescreen Patch

* Future Support Native Widescreen Games

* Future Support Vibration for HID Gamepad

* Future Support Mipmap (Trilinear Texture Filtering)

* Future Support Save/Load Game State in Cloud Network

* Future Support MEPG2 Video Decoding Hardware Acceleration

* Future Support ARM-v8 Instructions Acceleration

* Future Support OpenGL ES 3.0 Device for Andoird

* Future Support X86 Device for Andoird

* Future Support Better APP UI

* Future Support 95% of PS2 Games Run Perfectly (Perfect Level)

We will keep on improving emulator execution. Later on, DamonPS2 will be 2 ~ 10x edge rate speedier than it is presently for various recreations. In the event that you need these highlights to be acknowledged soon, if you don’t mind support us with your buy !!!!!!

Equipment Request for DamonPS2 Emulator :

* Android 5.1 +

* OpenGL ES 3.1 +

About Free Versions and Open Source :

To accelerate the improvement of the DamonPS2 Emulator, we require more cash and contract more designers. In this way, After the paid rendition downloads more than 50,000, we will give free form to the player to download. As far as amusement ROM similarity, the paid form and the free form will be the same. Be that as it may, the paid form will proceed to possess and increment the selective highlights that recognize it from the free form. After in excess of 80 million downloads from Google Play’s free form, we will attempt to open source step by step. As engineers in China, add to the word’s support emulator open source network.

About Game ROMs and BIOS :

Expects players to bring their own PS2 BIOS picture and amusement ROM picture to run the game.Due to lawful limitations, we won’t give any diversion ROM and BIOS picture to players.DamonPS2 emulator can just run PS2 diversion ROM.


The edge rate given in this paper is the outcome when the cell phone is loaded with frequencies. Be that as it may, when the Android gadget gets hot, the genuine execution is just 50-70% of the full-recurrence execution, and the diversion outline rate will drop by more than 1/3. This is an equipment restriction, not a constraint of this product.

About DamonPS2 Emulator and PPSSPP Emulator correlation:

We need to make a smooth PS2 emulator as PPSSPP!!!!! Be that as it may, … , We found in the test, PS2 unique machine crest execution is 2 times the pinnacle execution of the first PSP machine.So hypothetically, any PS2 emulator needs double the equipment execution of a PSP emulator on the off chance that you need to run the diversion easily. At the end of the day, if your PPSSPP Emulator can run the amusement full casing, at that point the DamonPS2 emulator diversion might run just a large portion of the edge rate of full frame.And, on the grounds that the PS2 unique machine utilizes a few methods to avoid outline skipping, DamonPS2 can not bounce outline like PPSSPP.

Uncommon proclamation:

Trademark and protected innovation and gaming elements, for example, Game ROM, PS2 BIOS, Playstation2, PS2, PSP, PPSSPP and so on, have a place with Sony and other diversion producers. The product does not incorporate PPSSPP, so it can not run PSP diversion


New Features:

1) More than 13,500 PS2 amusement notices are incorporated with the new server. diversion notices stack 500 times quicker than previously.

2) Automatically producing the Crash-Logs : “/sdcard/DamonPS2/log/”

Settled BUGs:

1) Program Crashes.

2) Improved VU similarity.

3) Compatible with Android 8.1

4) The delay interface isn’t completely shown

5) The show zone of the virtual catch isn’t lined up with the touch region.

Later on:

adaptation 1.3 will be discharged toward the start of August.

This application has no notices.

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